ronjajacobsson June 11, 2019

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«Describe why the analysis are important»

The analysis is a great tool for a business to keep track on how they’re doing, whether they’re in the process of expanding or not. And to find where there’s might be a problem or a challenge. It’s easier to find out exactly what type of things the business might need to improve in order to grow, since the analysis makes the information extremely detailed.


This type of analysis gives a good overview of how many times costumers entered your website. Easy way to keep track if the statistic changes radically.


Where’s your audience located? This is an easy way to see where in the world your audience visited your website. If your company would to expand to a new country or improve the average percent this is a good way to see which way it goes.  At the print screen below you can see a more detailed statistic view.


Further on you can collect the available information about who’s visiting your site and from what kind of device. As you can see on the picture above, almost all the traffic comes from a mobile device. That’s one of the reasons why all the websites, must be adjusted for a mobile screen.

This type of information can be very useful if you’re ever about to create an App or work with one specific operating system. Or cool and creative gadgets.  This will show you were your biggest audience is.

ways of search

This is a easy way to get an overview on where our audience comes from, and how we can measure what type of searches is done before someone is visiting the webpage.

Popular side

This overview is necessary to see what people prefer
but also to show what they find interesting.