martegranlund oktober 17, 2021

Throughout this lesson, you’ve learnt about the various inventors that contributed to the art of photography. Choose one, do some additional research and, in your own words, write a report on why you think the chosen inventor contributed to modern photography.

martegranlund oktober 10, 2021

Look at the mood board you created in the previous lesson task and use it for inspiration to create a logo for the fitness coaching brand. You are free to choose whether you want to add a tag line or not. Since doing the Moodboard for the Fitness Coaching Brand in a previous lesson task, […]

martegranlund september 24, 2021

Original photo: Ayo Ogunseinde Original photo: Chelsea Gates

martegranlund september 19, 2021

Design a book cover for one of the titles below. You need to choose one of the seven colour schemes and explain why you chose this scheme. For instance: ‘The Secret Garden’ by Frances Hodgson Burnett could be created using secondary colours to express naivety, honesty and harmony. – ‘Lord of the flies’ by William […]

martegranlund september 14, 2021

Source of photo used in these practical examples: João Sanfins Create a fluorescent duotone using a Gradient Map adjustment layer. Apply a monochrome look (choose a different colour than black/greyscale). Split toning of the image (note that the tool in Photoshop for ‘Split Toning’ was changed to ‘Color Gradient’). Freestyle: Create a colour effect […]

martegranlund september 14, 2021

RGB RGB is known as the additive color system, and is most often used on monitors and digital work, like TVs, computers and phones, due to it´s possibility to show millions of colors. RGB stands for the primary colors red, green and blue. When these colors are combined they form white light. Colors in this […]