quangduy230598 juni 10, 2021

Content has been a trend for years, but creative content will be the next trend. “Content is King” is true for all time, and creative content is needed more than ever when content overload is happening today. What Is Content Creator ? “Content creator” is someone who utilizes creativity in producing content on media to […]

quangduy230598 juni 8, 2021

Like Facebook, the number of Instagram users has grown to billions. This is a huge number, isn’t it? If you want to reach more customers then this is the article for you. So, how to run effective Instagram Ads? Choose An Campaign Objective First, you’ll need to choose your objective from the three broad target […]

quangduy230598 juni 3, 2021

The content in this blog is to do a hypothetical job-interview for a Marketing Specialist position at Amnesty International Norway. Introducing AI AI stands for Amnesty International, is an international non-governmental organization whose purpose is to protect all human rights that have been solemnly stated. in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international […]

quangduy230598 juni 1, 2021

In recent years, along with the development of society, information technology in general, the Internet and social media sites in particular have been greatly affecting all aspects of social life and human activities.  In fact, the internet and social media sites bring users a lot of benefits thanks to the fast speed of information, rich […]

quangduy230598 mai 21, 2021

Digital marketing is the key to success for any business in the current 4.0 era. Digital marketing requires the flexible use of many social media channels to be able to spread the brand and products and services of the business to the public, especially consumers. Especially for startups, small and medium enterprises, choosing the right […]

quangduy230598 mai 19, 2021

Inserting Google Analytics into the website is important for most web managers. Google Analytics has been increasingly improved, from the interface to the measurement features in the new version, Google Analytics 4. In this article, I will guide and make sure you can insert Google Analytics into your website such as WordPress. A quick introduction […]

quangduy230598 mai 11, 2021

I Leo Widrichs første par måneder som medstifter av Buffer skrev han to til tre gjesteblogginnlegg hver dag. Han begynte i selskapet i januar 2011, og i april hadde han fått merkevaren deres omtalt i over 100 blogger. I løpet av ni måneder hadde de registrert seg over 100.000 brukere. Folk kaller det Leo gjorde […]

quangduy230598 mai 10, 2021

It has been almost a month since Karl Philip Lund’s part started and our mission in this section has been to plan and open an online store. In this reflection note I will comment on the whole process from preparation to implementation. Concept and potential: Concept: The concept we have chosen for our online store is bracelet for the […]

quangduy230598 april 19, 2021

Hi guys, hope you guys had a good weekend In this blog I will show you how to evaluate an online store. Base on 10 criteria from INEVO, we will take Panduro as an example for this evaluation. What is Panduro ? Panduro was created out of sheer creative joy when Carlo Panduro began making […]