ronjajacobsson juni 11, 2019

«Marketplace and a digital marketer need to understand their behavior and the implication of changes if an organization is to develop an effective digital marketing strategy» (Chaffey and Ellis-Chadwick 2016, 60) Without a strategy business today will struggle a whole lot, there’s so much competition on so many different levels in today’s society. To achieve […]

ronjajacobsson mai 3, 2019

  Social communication is when a dialogue happens through a social media platform. Today most parents and grandparents are very skeptical to when a child or a young adult, spend too much time on whatever device they might use for communication. They’re afraid of the fact that their children don’t get any physical interaction with […]

ronjajacobsson mars 21, 2019

Second exam this semester is coming to an end. It has been a exciting and a bit frustrating assignment, but we pulled through. We launched our first ever Web shop with no knowledge of this before hand. It was new, scary and challenging. But I’m gonna tell you we did it: Step one: BrainstormingLet’s say […]

ronjajacobsson mars 17, 2019

Did you know, how easy it is to start a web shop with help from pages that are managing your products? I’m not talking about the maintenance because that’s a whole different story. But the fact that you only need to sign up at and you’re halfway there. It’s terrifying but at the same […]

ronjajacobsson februar 28, 2019

February, 28 days – Where did they go? Seriously though, it’s been one hell of a month. And suddenly I realize that I haven’t had time to blog about anything, even though we have had some pretty interesting people visiting our class. We have a lot of different business people coming and sharing their experience, […]

ronjajacobsson januar 31, 2019

We talk about the fact that the machines and technology are slowly taking over the world. But one thing we don’t acknowledge as much is the fact that the human being, is more or less forced into a state where they don’t really have to be social anymore. I’m wondering how many people who actually […]

ronjajacobsson januar 14, 2019

Informatics and matemathics are the only two groups where an algorithm is used as a “problem solver” tool. Where they discover how they will be able to solve one or more problems, with the help of the algorithm. An algorithm effects you in your everyday life, weather you like it or not. It decides on […]

ronjajacobsson januar 10, 2019

Viral? What exactly does that mean? And how does it work? Well, let me break it down for you. Viral is when a certain type of information, for example a video or an image, is suddenly known worldwide. This is because of the power of the internet and how fast information is reaching the whole […]