Mortensaether januar 20, 2019

Innlegget leses best på den opprinnelige studentbloggen


What a fantastic week, not only did I publish on Facebook that my blog was up, but the amount of people who visited since the 15thof January was very humbling to me. 156 people have been to my page since then and more are still coming. So, I decided for myself that I would make this post for several reasons. The first thing that became apparent to me was the fact that I had foreign readers and I quickly decided to make this post in English. Secondly, I decided that this post would be presented on many more platforms than just Facebook. This is because I can now compare the data from different platforms such as twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.

The last, and the most important reason for this post however, is that I want to compare it with the post that are coming in the future about this program. With that, I can not only show a learning curve(hopefully)but have a transparency in my working process. 

The program being used is google analytics, many of you who are experienced with digital marketing will already know it’s uses, but I will try and explain it in detail here for those who have no experience in this field. 

Google Analytics

This is a program developed by google to help companies better track their website activity and finetune their marketing based on the results. I have just recently started myself to extrapolate the data I have gathered, it works seamlessly and is easy to use, even for a novice such as myself. 

The more I got to use this program the more I got to realize how I could improve not only the website, but also how to use the data.

The earlier image is a good example of that, since it gives an overview of where my users are. Bear in mind that it’s composed solely of my Facebook friends, since I only posted on fb that the blog was up. It will be very exciting to look at the new data, since this post will be published on several platforms. 

Geographic data

If I were going to use this information as a business though, I would consider one of two paths. Norway is not the most multinational based marketing country of the world, you are most likely better of concentrating on a Norwegian segment than trying to expand your product overseas. 

If you were however to use this information you could benefit a lot from it in the long run, seeing as you most likely sell shippable or e-based products. Taking it even a step further, one could orient oneself about the specific place cultural trends and fashions based on the data

To do this I will illustrate to you in more depth the map I showed earlier where we could see that two of the viewers was from America, as shown here.

Now, for me this is nothing more than a curiosity, the fact that there is two people in the state of California reading this is not really information I can use, other than the fact that I should heed some language barriers. For a company that is based in e-services however, this is solid information. Based on what you are selling you can now with this information make a more complete understanding of your segment, make adjustments to what you are selling or even in some cases, actually realize that you have potential customers overseas. 

Another thing that I found interesting was the fact that I can see what devices are being used to view my site. Google analytics does not only let me know who is at a computer or mobile, it even lets me take into account what sort of phone you are using and what browser. 

Business idea?

This would allow me to take it even one step further in segmenting my customers, since the data I am getting reveals that most of the mobile users have an apple iPhone 6s. With this information I could start setting up an online store that sells iPhone 6s accessories. This is just to show the effectiveness of the program, although to those who regularly use the program will immediately see my limited knowledge of it. This information is also a stark reminder for me to start working on optimizing the page for the mobile users, but I will save that for a later date.  

Regardless, it has been a fun couple of days using this and will serve as a fantastic tool for comparing knowledge on the subject at the end of the semester.  

I hope you enjoyed the read, please be sure to leave a comment as I will try to write about not only what I find interesting, but for you as well.