ronjajacobsson June 11, 2019

Innlegget leses best på den opprinnelige studentbloggen

Before you understand the importancy of actually
knowing what you’re doing, you think sharing your business online is easy – you
just have to POST and SHARE. And that’s all. Well, I was so wrong. There’s a
whole dictionary of does and don’t. First of all, you need to have a plan and make
sure you know why your audience is so important to you, and how you can spread
your message, at the same time as they have to feel special and that they get
something in return.

The deeper you go, the greater success – at least
that’s what I’ve concluded. Figure out how you can target your audience in the
best way possible. Demographic and geographic. 
What tools you can use. You need to understand where your audience
moves, what they like to do on their spare time, where you have a possibility
to grow and expand.

With all the certifications I’ve done due to the last essay in this course during this semester, I’ve come to realize that a business needs more knowledge on how to reach out and find their dream costumer – ONLINE. It will be time and moneysaving knowing what’s should and shouldn’t be done and prioritized in this matter.

Earlier this semester I completed the Facebook Blue print certification, and that’s an important tool to know, in my opinion. I believe that serious business owners would be smart to invest in that type of certification. It will give you the best advices and show you what you need to think about and how you should create the perfect content for an AD, or what’s the business to go to move on the next big happening. As Aleksander Neely and Martine Fraas from Facebook said during a visit to our school, “don’t use the promote button, learn how to use the ADS. It will be more beneficial”. 

During this semester I’ve completed in total 6 Google certifications (+ 1 Facebook and 1 HubSpot) and I’ve learned a lot during these hours spent. Even though there were a few things I didn’t totally agree with and feel that I’ve probably would have done it a little bit differently – I still see the picture.  All the google certifications were well explained with quizzes in the end for a good recap.

For example, I didn’t know that the layout on your ad would have so much to say, or the fact that you should get to know your audience and what they do on their spare time – to be able to attract a bigger and better audience. Understand how to target your audience in the “right” way it the benefits will be endless.

When you’re done with all these certifications you will have more knowledge
about how to analyze your traffic and understand that you can use it for the
better. Understand the process around how developers, analysts and marketers
work with management and implementation. If you only want to narrow it down to
only one certification I highly recommend “Google Digital Garage”, this was no
doubt my favorite. It was an easy way to understand what digital marketing all
is about.

With a lot of new knowledge, I want to recommend you do one (or more)
certifications. Even if you would to give the wrong answer, you can redo the
quizzes. So, take your time, read and take some notes! All the certifications I
took except Facebook Blue Print, is free. And I promise you, this will take
your business to the next level! Good Luck!

Facebook Blue Print: