ronjajacobsson mars 17, 2019

Innlegget leses best på den opprinnelige studentbloggen

Did you know, how easy it is to start a web shop with help from pages that are managing your products? I’m not talking about the maintenance because that’s a whole different story. But the fact that you only need to sign up at and you’re halfway there.

It’s terrifying but at the same time, holy crap it’s easy.

Our group exam right now, it’s just about that. To start a web shop, managing and branding it. Såpeglede (soap joy) is our page, where we decided to sell soap. Because who doesn’t need soap?

It’s been a lot to figuring out on our own, but it’s a fun journey. There’s programs I had to teach myself to use and understand – mainly Shopify but also, Facebook ads, how to send out a newsletter and create a email list and more. Since I’m the type of person who wants to get to the bottom, when there’s something I don’t understand since I find it challenging. But were and still are days where I just wanna pull out my hair out in despair of not understanding, and find everything I do – confusing.

But we are on the right way, and it’s only a couple of days before we have to submit!