Simen Sollihogda January 13, 2020

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What is AI?

AI or Artificial Intelligence, is a tool used in a wide variety of gadgets and software to complete specific tasks given to them. It is one of the most important components to automation, making things happen without human interaction. It is also used to solve difficult tasks and problems in a matter of seconds, beating the average human mind, such as a calculator or virtual assistants.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has made a massive leap over the last twenty years. People are becoming more and more used to having it everywhere they go, in their pocket, in the car or a laptop at work. We interact with AI every day to solve problems, ask questions and plan ahead. The beautiful thing about AI is that the more we use it and feed it information, the smarter it gets. Google Home, Alexa and Siri are all getting constant updates to better help answer questions, give you news and weather forecasts and even tell you jokes. Websites such as Facebook collects data to give you ads and suggestions that better fit you and your lifestyle.


Shopping made Easy

AI today is normally considered as narrow AI, because it’s meant to solve a narrow task. Narrow AI is in most cases better than humans at solving a specific task, for example Stockfish, a chess engine that can calculate moves way ahead of people playing and also give a probability for win and loss. However, researchers are trying develop a general AI (AGI), an AI that will be able to outperform humans i nearly every cognitive task. With such an advancement in AI technology, future inventions can solve a plethora of tasks and help mankind with very little limitation.

One of our many daily and weekly tasks is grocery shopping. A task that a lot of people find daunting and stressful. With AI technology, shopping can be made easy and fast. With the use of apps and face recognition, going shopping can take you less than five minutes, without the use of cashiers.

Imagine you’re on the bus home from work, and you remember a few things you need to pick up for dinner, the grocery store near you have an app that let’s you select items from their inventory and add them to your virtual cart. Everyone has their own code in the app, that they scan to gain entry, you pick out your items that are paid for automatically upon checking yourself out of the store. Such a system would make shopping faster and easier, and eventually eliminate long lines at the register.

The same idea can be applied to pretty much any store out there. Building an entire warehouse to store clothing, and having robots sort out your online order and have it ready for you when you show up. This solution can also combine used and new clothing that can be donated or traded at a drop-off and pick-up point. In return this makes for an easier way for customers to get what they want and as a bonus help the environment.

The future is here

We don’t have to go back far to when internet shopping was the next big thing. Today, almost every store and brand we know offer shopping online, with international shipping. In the next decade, I believe more advanced AI and automation will be the great breakthrough.

Not all jobs can be replaced by robots or drones, but workplaces that see a high number of human errors, can improve efficiency and safety if done by a more advanced AI. A robot will not be able to use feelings or emotions to amend the outcome of it’s tasks, this can help eliminate corruption, greed and otherwise bad decisions made by a human.

AI is the future, and it’s here to stay.


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