Simen Sollihogda January 12, 2020

Innlegget leses best på den opprinnelige studentbloggen

In my first entry, my aim is to test myself on how to write a blog post. The topic of choice is therefore something i am very passionate about, my favorite organization, the Green Bay Packers.


Who are the Green Bay Packers?

Packers are one of the 32 teams in the National Football League (NFL American Football). The team was founded in 1919 Green Bay, Wisconsin by Earl “Curly” Lambeau.  It is one of the oldest teams that still participate in the NFL today. Green Bay Packers is the only non-profit major league sports team in America, allowing fans to become shareholders and “part-owners” of the organization. The name “Packers” stems from the Indian Packing Company, who would fund the team 7400$ for equipment and uniforms, if the team in return was named for their sponsor.

They play their home games at Lambeau Field, sometimes referred to as “The Frozen Tundra”. The stadium is located in Green Bay and was opened in 1957 under the name “City Stadium” before being renamed in 1965. It is an outdoor stadium (as opposed to dome-style stadiums) and has a capacity of 81, 441 people. The temperatures often reach below zero, making it tough for teams used to warmer climates.

The team plays home games with green and yellow uniforms and away games with white jerseys and yellow pants. Their helmets are yellow with a dark green face mask, and the Packers logo on the left and right side of the helmet.


Achievements and Titles

The Green bay Packers hold 13 championship titles (9 league championships prior to the Super Bowl era), more than any other team in the NFL. After the creation of the Super Bowl in 1967, the Packers have won 4 Super Bowl championship games, including the two first Super Bowl games to ever be played, back to back. The team has reached the playoffs over 30 times, and is considered as one of the most successful teams in the last two decades. The last Super Bowl to be won by the Packers was Super Bowl XLV (45), back in the 2010 season.


Green Bay Packers Foundation 

In 1986, the Packers Foundation was established. It’s primary goals is to give back to the community and help people and animals in Wisconsin. Over the years the organization has hosted events and pep rallies for the community and the people who need it most. Their primary focus includes but are not limited to: education, athletics, hunger, health and wellness. Organizations in Wisconsin can apply to the foundation and seek help. The foundation provides funding and manpower through volunteers.

Read more about the foundation here


Why the Green Bay Packers?

I started watching american football about 12 years ago. Back then i watched pretty much every highlight video i could find, regardless of the teams playing. Before the next season began, i wanted to have a team i could cheer for. I had done some research on a few of the teams i thought looked interesting, and i was overwhelmed by the history and culture of the Packers and felt it was a natural choice. The state of Wisconsin also has a climate similar to that of Norway, which makes it feel closer to home. I am a huge football fan, and one of my favorite things to do is to watch my team play and above all, win.

Which team you root for is often determined by where you were born, or where you live. All the 32 teams in the NFL are located in the U.S, which means the rest of the world have to find other means of picking their teams.