deimantekros juni 7, 2019

Innlegget leses best på den opprinnelige studentbloggen

This semester I’m having Digital Marketing. For the last exam we were supposed to take different courses to learn digital secrets to analyzing customer’s behaviour. Here’s what I have learned in the last month:


To kickstart my knowledge, first I had to take Fundamentals of Digital Marketing on Google Digital Garage. The course is pretty simple, easy to follow. Mainly, cause it’s for people who basically have no knowledge in digital things. Since I’m finishing the second year of my studies and have had some experience with building my own web shop, advertising on social media platforms before, this course was a ‘piece of cake’ for me. Though, I would definitely recommend it to anyone. You don’t have to have any experience. Take the course and you may change your career in just 40 hours.

Google Analytics Academy was something completely new for me. I knew what are the most basics that this software does, but later on I couldn’t believe how much information you might learn by using it. For example I had heard about retargeting advertisement before, but now I finally know how to use it for my own. I now know that I can analyze almost every single type of data and action that my site visitors create.

I guess my favorite course was Introduction to Data Studio. I amt the girl who likes visualization. Think of having all your data analyzed, arranged in a way you like and put to one place! This is something I’m going to use in the future.


Taking these courses was inspiring and motivating. I have learned how to track the sources which link people to my website, which of my pages are helping me to sell products, which products are performing the best and worst on my site, so on and on…

Are you thinking of taking these courses any time soon? Do you have a business which you are ready to take to another level? Or maybe you are just curious how stuff works online? Don’t hesitate and go on! You might be surprised how much you will learn in such a short time. Digital world is both interesting and exciting.