ronjajacobsson February 28, 2019

Innlegget leses best på den opprinnelige studentbloggen

February, 28 days – Where did they go? Seriously though, it’s been one hell of a month. And suddenly I realize that I haven’t had time to blog about anything, even though we have had some pretty interesting people visiting our class. We have a lot of different business people coming and sharing their experience, how they got where they’re at now, some are even old students.


A couple of weeks ago we got a visit from two old students, Kenneth Dreyer and Andreas Kristiansen. We learned how to be prepared for a job related meeting with someone you’ve never met before, how to actually use different channels to be able to find out the silliest thing about someone. Things we students found out before the guys came up, birth town, age, phone number, hobbies, older jobs, education, relationship status, name of partner, favorite color and so much more. And these things weren’t listed on their Facebook wall for us to see, we had to dig.

Both of them had plenty of interesting things to say and once more, I’m amazed over the power of social media and the network it brings. The different channels that connect people and make things possible is pretty awesome.

From the left: Andreas Kristiansen and Kenneth Dreyer


Today we had two employees from Facebook visiting our class, Aleksander Neely (old student) and Martine Fraas. They taught us about Facebook ads, and the fact that you scroll 91 meter with your thumb everyday while using your smart phone (the same height as Statue of Liberty in NY). And how with today’s technology and resources it only takes 10 minutes to create 5 million GB what “back in the days” – took YEARS.

I learnt a lot today and I can’t wait to get started with how to use Facebook ads the best way. Right now we have an assignment where were a small group of 3 that has to set up a brand new web store. The store is up, not completely done yet, still have things to figure out and improve.